upper diaper bag brand new york

"Our Journey started when Madison was born in 2015, As a NYC commuter mom and after experimenting with the old messenger-style that wasting 45 mins to pack, unpack, clean and always a messed and bottle spilled during our first year as a new parent.  We realized the importance of a well-designed changing bag to simplifying our life on the go, we came up with our first award winning "13 Pockets system" that separated the dry and wet section and every pocket serve a purpose through out the day. Our Mommy Friendly-Design can save up to 25 mins in packing and unpacking each way, that means more time for your love one and making end of the day much more lovely. UPPER's Smart-Pocket-System gives parents the ability to be prepared for any baby needs that comes their way without compromise your style. UPPER is inspired by a personal struggle with impractical and ugly diaper bags, UPPER creates fashionable everyday diaper bags that empower conscious living."

Ce. Founder, UPPER