5 Reasons Why Thousands of mom are using Upper bag worldwide

Can be hectic! Choosing a bag that is so versatile and Chic for work, overnight trip and meets all the needs of a new parents and our new born can be stressful. 

Oct 21st, 2021 - 5min. 15 sec. read

And here are the big five reasons why moms worldwide are finally upgrading to Upper Bags… and switching to this Everything you Need design by real moms for you and our little one.  

1.Casually Stylish

Make a stylish statement with our chic diaper bag backpack. It has a sleek and stylish design different from typical diaper bags. Its neutral-toned color offers heightened visual appeal that won’t fade easily. Plus, the brown leather offers a vintage-like feel that stands out. Use it in your office, on a trip, in the grocery store. The chic design means no one will ever know its actual content.

2.Large Capacity Compartment Spaces to Stay Organized

With tons of easy-access pockets and storage spaces, allowing for a flexible organization system of your choice, this diaper bag is roomy enough to hold several baby products from diapers to changing pads, wipes, burp cloths, toys, snacks, baby bottles, and pacifiers. Put your baby clothes, towels, diaper, formula and underwear in separate spaces and hit the road. 

3.Convenient Hauling No Matter the Distance

Parenting can be tasking, especially when every trip out of your house will mean taking your toddlers with you. From hauling a changing mat to other baby essentials, mobility can be a chore. 

With the hands-free shoulder support design and stroller clip-on that allows easy attachment to your stroller, our premium diaper bag backpack makes mommy's life easy. Just hang it on your shoulder, wear it on your back or clip it to your stroller then you can focus on your child, anywhere, anytime. 

4.Eco-Friendly Wipeable Leather

With kids, you never can tell what will happen outdoors. Our diaper bag backpack, designed with a vegan leather exterior, is 100% wipeable, spill-proof, and stain-resistant, so you are never caught unprepared when something spills. 

5.Insulated Compartments Ensures Proper Milk Storage

Expressed breast milk stored poorly or for long hours without the right temperature will cause a loss of vitamin C. With the built-in insulated pockets, our Diaper bag backpack fits any size bottle and stores your expressed milk well. 

More Reasons Why We Love UPPER Bag

  • La Madison - Elegant Vegan Leather Diaper Bag Backpack

  • FREE Stroller Straps - Easily attach the backpack to a stroller. Give your shoulders a break. Run your errands hands-free.

  • FREE Changing Pad - A high quality, portable, and waterproof changing mat that can easily be folded & stored in the backpack.

  • FREE Trackable U.S. Shipping

  • La Madison - Elegant Vegan Leather Diaper Bag Backpack